Twitter: The social network is withdrawing the old blue badges, once a guarantee of notoriety and authenticity

What do Pope Francis, Donald Trump and Beyoncé have in common ? They all three lost their blue tick on Twitter on Thursday , once a guarantee of credibility. The platform has finally followed through on Elon Musk’s threat and removed the badge from those who refuse to pay . The social network was rapidly changing pace as accounts lost this distinctive mark, obtained in the past after verifying the identity of the user and subject to certain conditions, including notoriety.

The badge has thus disappeared from the accounts of personalities such as Justin Bieber , Cristiano Ronaldo, Bill Gates or Lady Gaga , as well as those of many journalists, professors and activists. Even@jack, the account of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, has been stripped. On the political side, many elected officials have also lost it, but some have obtained the gray check mark, reserved for government accounts or certain organizations. This is the case of Kevin McCarthy , the Republican boss in the US House of Representatives.

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