ClarkUp: Opinion on LIFETIME ACCESS to this business management software!

Quantitative vs Qualitative Sales Prospecting

Today we can say that 2 major trends clash because opinions diverge:

  • Those who follow the law of numbers.

Here it is the slaughter of all the contacts they can meet in order to convert them into customers.

The dominant thought is that the more contacts you have, the more customers you will have…

What is not necessarily true, reality shows it too often.

  • Those who on the contrary think that it is necessary to select contacts with good criteria in order to better be able to convert them.

Particular care is taken in selecting the prospect to qualify him as a very likely client.

The main difficulty here is to define the most effective criteria without being too restrictive, otherwise you will no longer be able to qualify prospects!

ClarkUp, is another way possible in your opinion?

Indeed ClarkUp could be the middle way so dear to Asians.

The tool offers an approach that can be broken down into 2 steps:

  • 1st step the quantitative approach

The tool allows you to ‘ download ‘ an impressive number of contacts from social networks in record time.

  • 2nd stage the qualitative selection

Once the contacts have been imported you can consult each of them to evaluate if it is a potential Qualified prospect.

Depending on your contact import source, these may already be very qualified 😉

Our opinion is that this ClarkUp concept has a very good chance of being very effective!

And if there was only that…

Social networks supported by ClarkUp?

At the moment ClarkUp is in the pre-launch period and is already ready on the following social networks:

Commercial prospecting is already available on:

  • LinkedIn, video
  • Instagram
  • FaceBook,

The ClarkUp team studies all the social networks with the best prospecting potential to make it easier for you to find your new customers.

An important element, in our opinion, is the possibility of being able to import the contact’s email address when it is available 

ClarkUp’s Secret? The Quality of the 1st contact: on video!

The big difference that ClarkUp offers is to be able to use the human side of making contact.

It is for this reason that the tool integrates the video function to contact your prospects.

It’s always nicer, more human, to get in touch with someone you can see.

At least you already know that it is the person corresponding to the profile who is contacting you.

Today it is a reassuring criterion!

And above all, it is a short video personalized with the name of your interlocutor and as natural and authentic as possible.

Here, there are no video thumbnails or montages… Simplicity and authenticity are the key words, and above all directly from the ClarkUp tool, thanks to its Google Chrome extension !

ClarkUp allows you to make videos with different options:

  • Your PC screen
  • Your webcam
  • Or your screen + your webcam

ClarkUp has successfully integrated the ability to set a professional desktop type background when using webcam mode alone!

You will be able to choose your environment to shoot the personalized contact or response video…

This video contact solution is the qualitative aspect of the system allowing you a better rate of opening to your contact requests.

ClarkUp ensures your customer follow-up, your statistics…

  • ClarkUp also includes a PipeLine function (Tunnel) in which you can create a set of actions to perform depending on your prospect’s feedback or not.

You can thus have different sequences of actions to do according to your different objectives (making appointments, sales, etc.) or themes or…

Examples, usable for your projects, can be modified for your personal purposes.

You can also create one from a blank sheet if you have special requirements.

  • The tool makes it possible to follow up and provide statistics concerning the progress of each prospect in the sequence concerned.

Example of proposed statistics:

  • Opening the contact message
  • Video viewing, playing time
  • Action on the links provided

User training integrated in ClarkUp

Each of the social networks supported has its own usage and operating codes.

For example TikTok and Discord are significantly different and the modes of interaction on each are also.

This is why the team has decided to provide specific training to each of them as well as tips on strategies to use for optimum results in terms of converting your prospects into customers!

The training will be supplemented with new ones as the integration of a new social network or a new functionality.

ClarkUp integrated with ZAPIER!

This marketing automation option alone, ZAPIER, offers more than 5000 Apps with which you can connect and create automations.

A real Booster for your efficiency in your prospecting.

Automation always, ClarkUp develops its own internal possibilities…

And finally to conclude this chapter, ClarkUp is preparing its integration on Make, the second most recognized platform after Zapier.

Suffice to say that the potential of this fabulous tool is propelled towards success.

Your success!

But what are the prices of this prospecting software?

First of all, you should know that ClarkUp is offered to you with 3 distinct levels, called Plans:

  1. Basic Plan : €149/month or €1499/year; 15,000 Leads – 15 pipelines
  2. Gold Plan : 299€/month or 2999€/year; 50,000 Leads – 50 pipelines – 2 sub accounts
  3. Premium plan : 499€/month or 4999€/year; UNLIMITED – UNLIMITED – 3 sub accounts

These are the prices that you can find on their Official website !

Other rates are possible and in particular an opportunity to have LIFETIME ACCESS for a SINGLE payment (Payment in several installments provided) through an affiliate link .

Where do you think ClarkUp comes from??

ClarkUp is one of the startups of Anthony Névo, a multi-millionaire who started from scratch.

I said ONE of the startups because indeed it has several of them and in particular VieDeDingue which provides INNOVATIVE tools for web entrepreneurs but not only…

The VieDeDingue team sees all the new tools coming out on this market and therefore all the best features that could be implemented in ClarkUp.

The objective and ambition of the founder: to become the number ONE in commercial management worldwide.

To do so, ClarkUp will be translated into several languages ​​and will be available in English from the end of the year.

So in your opinion, is there a possibility of success for this tool?

ClarkUp and passive and recurring income?

In terms of marketing, opinions differ but Anthony, the founder, is a fervent follower of affiliation, which he knows by heart.

It was therefore only natural that he turned to this solution for the global deployment of his activity.

Affiliation is when you, the user of the product, have the opportunity to promote it and thus earn a commission.

For the customer it does not change anything, the price is the same but you earn your commission and the producer of the product does not advertise so no expense on his side to make the product known.

It’s a win-win system!

Here the affiliation is totally optional, only those who will use it will be able to benefit from financial returns known as Passive and Recurring if your customer is satisfied with the product.

Concerning ClarkUp, the affiliation is done on 2 levels:

  • Level 1: 25% commission
  • Level 2: 25% commission

Knowing that the annual subscription will be €1499, the commission per sale will amount to a minimum of €375 and possibly more on higher subscriptions.

This can possibly make you think with the double potential of activity that ClarkUp offers you!

So who do you think ClarkUp is for?

You will understand that ClarkUp is not for everyone, if only because of its cost, which is an investment that must be profitable.

ClarkUp is therefore reserved for a category of companies with certain means!

However, here is a non-exhaustive list of activities that could be of great interest:

  • Coach / Trainer / Consultant
  • Freelance
  • Closer
  • Network Marketing / Relationship-Network Marketing
  • Services B2B
  • Sales SaaS Services
  • Sales / Appointment booking services

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